Austin WiFi / Wireless / WLAN Setup & Installation

Home Networking & WiFi Installation in Austin

Life is better in a home where all of your technology seamlessly communicates.

  • Advanced networks simplify connections across AV, security, and other systems.
  • Make all of your electronics interoperable to revitalize your house.
  • Bring technology together in one gadget to facilitate a sophisticated, opulent lifestyle.

Wi-fi and Networking

A fast, dependable network infrastructure makes for a contented, connected family.

  • Traffic for AV, security, phone, and control systems may be easily managed.
  • Support today and tomorrow’s infrastructure with CAT6 and fiber wiring.
  • All of your devices have both wired and wireless connectivity across your property.
  • Strong network connections reduce freezing and dropouts for video conferencing.
  • Increased bandwidth for advanced AV, lighting automation, and other uses.
  • Superior defense and assistance for all linked devices.
  • Modern wireless access points increase signal strength across the entire property, including outside environments.

Have a sizable property with lots of gadgets? Your family will remain connected thanks to a detailed design and an enterprise-grade networking hardware solution.

Voice Recognition

Imagine a smart home that responds to your needs immediately upon receiving a single voice command.

  • AV and lights can be managed with natural commands.
  • Intelligent AI can easily comprehend complex orders.
  • Include well-known services like Google Home and Amazon Alexa

Austin Business-Grade Wireless Networking

Today’s typical Austin home network is becoming more intricate and advanced than most small company networks. Without being constrained by wires or cables, wireless networks allow users to set up and maintain a network connection within or across buildings. Wireless networks make it possible to connect ‘off-net’ locales to the network by extending fiber optic networks to difficult-to-reach rural areas.

Router and Default Channel Setup

It’s impressive when a router’s packaging states that it can deliver speeds of up to 300 or even 450 Mbps, but don’t ignore the qualifier “up to” printed before such thrilling rates. Maybe you can achieve those high speeds if just one person is utilizing the wi-fi, and that person is only a few inches from the router. It’s simple to leave the router running so you can go about your business once it’s up and running. However, default configurations rarely result in the best performance. Unless your property is incredibly large or remote, the default channel is probably being utilized by a neighbor, which will cause crowding and subpar performance on your end.


Are you having trouble connecting to your network at all corners of your property? Do you need assistance setting up a router for your house or place of business? Want to ensure the safety of your data and your Internet connection? Give us at Monarch Technologies a call or shoot us an email. You won’t find a more personalized computer network service in Austin than what you’ll get from our skilled and knowledgeable staff.