The Value of Home Automation

Unfortunately, many people who own a TV and surround sound system can’t ever reliably figure out how to get their equipment to perform optimally, which is why the correct application of a control system is precious. Control systems allow you to simplify your entire entertainment system, run your equipment efficiently and correctly, and control your devices without having to understand their technological inner workings.

There is a wide range of offerings in the home automation world: from simple, smart remotes to control media systems to full automation systems. Most of the companies on the market offer a single control/automation system that can handle various things. We specialize in products from Crestron Electronics, which has been building control and automation systems in the US for decades. They offer dozens of options for processors (the brain of the system) and dozens upon dozens of control devices to select from.

Crestron Touch Panel

One of the most appealing offerings from Crestron is a new set of ultra-small devices that can be installed in a standard wall enclosure. These devices are priced to fit a modest home’s budget and can easily offer features that justify the cost. This system will not only control your home theater surround system and all its sources but can automate window shades, thermostats, lighting, spas and pools, and more. The processor is about the size of a matchbox, and the complete system can fit inside a two feet tall wall enclosure in your closet or storage room.

These products are the ticket when optimizing your home’s “green” appeal. Lighting control modules can be added to the system to minimize power consumption by automating lighting to turn on only when people are present or when security is a concern. The client’s habits can be tracked and automated to suit individual use. Additionally, automation of the shade and thermostats can significantly help keep the house cool or warm, depending on the time of year. These systems can be monitored and display power consumption in real-time on your smartphone, TV, iPad, or wall-mounted touch-screen.

​Adding a system like this can take away the frustration of trying to control your TV and surround sound, save you money by minimizing your electric and gas bills, and maximize your downtime by ensuring your lights, shades, and thermostats are precisely where you want them all the time, add value to your home when you decide to sell it, and improve your peace of mind because you know that you have done your part to conserve the world’s precious resources.

About Creston Electronics

Crestron Electronics is an industry leader in the field of home automation. Founded over 45 years ago, they continue providing the latest high-tech products and services. From digital audio and video systems to building and environmental controls, Crestron creates cutting-edge solutions that make life easier for homeowners nationwide. Their expansive product line allows clients to customize their home experience exactly how they desire.

Crestron’s mission is simple: to provide superior products that increase efficiency and convenience. They are committed to delivering seamless technology integration into everyday life while enhancing user experiences with intuitive control systems. With their wide variety of smart home tools, such as automated climate control and multi-room audio systems, Crestron makes it easier for people everywhere to stay connected from almost any environment.


Home automation is a powerful tool that can help make life easier. Home automation systems offer convenience, energy efficiency, and security that can enhance the quality of life for homeowners. Smart home devices can be easily integrated into existing networks, providing more options and greater control from any device connected to the internet. With the advancement of technology, it has become increasingly accessible and affordable for homeowners to install a home automation system in their houses.