The Video Wall Experience

An exciting recent development in the home entertainment world comes with Planar’s creation of the Clarity Matrix LCD Video WallSystem. The Video Wall uses a combination of LCD screens to display images across a large area. It provides the same giant picture as a projector without needing a dark room.

3x2 Video Wall

Because the Video Wall uses various screens, it doesn’t follow the projector’s pattern of “blowing up” the image, which can cause the image to lose detail. Instead, a different resolution is added to every screen. So if you have nine screens forming your video wall, you have 9x the resolution of one screen. The result is a beautiful, giant picture that maintains its original integrity.3x3 Video Wall with News and Arrivals/Departures

The video wall can be any size or shape and display one large image or a variety of smaller ones. It can even doubly function as artwork (known as the Mosaic Architectural Video Wall).

Art Installation Video Wall

The UltraLux Series of LCD displays is an equally exciting creation from Planar. These displays are interactive multi-touch displays with up to 6 touch points. These displays, unlike the Video Walls described above, are single-panel displays. However, they are 70” to 80” in size and allow you to rearrange, manipulate, or magnify the image. To get the chance to interact with one of these fantastic displays, you can come by our new store, where we’ll have one on display.

Video Wall at Home

The video wall experience is the new way to watch content at home. It’s a setup that utilizes multiple flat-panel displays connected to form one large, unified screen. This gives viewers an immersive, cinematic experience in their living room as if they were watching a movie in an IMAX theater.

This setup requires careful planning and consideration for the best viewing experience. The key elements for a successful video wall installation are the size of the display panels, distance from each other, and the seating arrangement of furniture or lounge chairs within the environment. Furthermore, no two video walls are alike — each configuration can be tailored to meet individual needs and preferences, such as brightness levels and resolution quality.

For those looking to get that true cinematic feel at home without investing in traditional projectors or expensive equipment, a video wall is worth looking into.