A/V and Home Theater


Whole house – music, and sound wherever you want it, as all-encompassing as you like.

Audiophile + High-End – the best means of reproducing live music’s full, rich sound.

Landscaping + Subterranean – the ideal way to enjoy music and sound in those hard-to-reach outdoor spaces.

Planar Video Wall


TVs – keep pace with the newest OLED/QLED 4K and 8K options. We also offer outdoor solutions and more affordable LED/LCD models.

Projectors + Screens – no need to mess with a good thing. Perfect for the classic home theater setup and specific commercial settings.

Video walls – desirable in many commercial settings for watching multiple things at once or that extra wow factor.

Home Automation

The backbone of a system, all work, and no glory. Automation creates the reliable user interface and infrastructure necessary to fulfill the potential of a smart home. The ultimate goal is to make your life easier.

Source Control

  • Racks
  • Remotes/iPads/touch panels


Useful in both residential and commercial settings, this feature allows you to manage luminosity (at pinpoint accuracy), schedules, and scenes.

Sitting Area Lighting

  • Fixtures
  • Keypads
  • Apps


Shield yourself from the scorching Texas sun with both manual and motorized solutions. Available in different colors and opacities (including black-out shades).

Living Room Shades

  • Motorized or manual
  • Blackout
  • Outdoor


Exactly as it says on the tin. Benefits? It’s energy-saving, allows easy access to your thermostat, lets you set schedules, and enables remote access to your home.

Pool control


You need it, so you have it. Priorities: reliable and secure internet in all desired areas of your home.


  • Self-monitoring
  • Keyless/remote door access
  • Cameras