Outdoor Living Spaces in Austin TX

Austin Outdoor Living Spaces

With 300 days of sunshine on average throughout the year, it’s no wonder that Texans enjoy spending so much of their time outside. Upgrading your outdoor spaces with our top-notch technology helps enhance those experiences. Enjoy the luxury of sleek modern aesthetics, high-quality audio, and glare-free video in your courtyards, back patios, and pool areas.

With specialized audio and video equipment that withstands high heat, cold, and normal outdoor wear-and-tear, you can bring world-class entertainment to your porch, deck, yard, pool, or hot tub. We utilize our various speaker designs, including wall-mounted, in-ceiling, rock, and landscape speakers, to give your outdoor areas a rich, panoramic surround sound experience.

Best of all, you can combine indoor and outdoor entertainment with our distributed A/V solutions.

  • Outdoor Entertainment  – Use excellent outdoor speakers, projector setups, and anti-glare TVs to make the most of your outdoor spaces.
  • Hidden Audio Video – Create an opulent design using architectural speakers, concealed displays, and AV closets.
  • Surveillance – You can feel more at ease with video analytics and immediate access to live security footage.
  • Wi-Fi / Networking – With quick, dependable networks designed for top-tier AV and control, you won’t ever have to worry about losing connection.
  • Remote Access – Remote control of your property’s lights, locks, and security systems makes managing them simple.
  • Media Control – Enhance ease of use with high-performance equipment and personalized control.

Smart technology gives outdoor areas the ideal blend of beauty and utility, from the garden to the tennis court. Explore the opportunities below.

Pool / Spa

User-friendly pool and spa automation creates the ideal backyard haven, and takes advantage of environmental controls to create a perfect ambiance of lighting and audio.

Possibilities: Wi-Fi, Underwater Audio, Pool & Spa Automation, Outdoor Entertainment, Lighting Control, Surveillance, and Outdoor Lighting

Landscape / Garden

We can help you bring life to your landscapes with layers of accent lighting and high-performance, weather-resistant audio.

Possibilities: Controlled lighting, surveillance, intelligent security, and outdoor lighting. High-performance audio outdoors, WiFi, and even a heated driveway surface.


Escape to the terrace to take in the stunning views, unwind to your favorite music, and enjoy the ideal environment created by clever shade and lighting controls.

Possibilities: Lighting control, weatherproof video displays, and intelligent home control. Exterior Lighting Outside Audio Wi-Fi and High-Performance Audio

Access Control

Receive instant notification when someone approaches your gate, and manage access from anywhere using a touch panel or smartphone.

Possibilities: Intercom, Motorized Gates, Heated Driveway, Entry Systems/Access Control, Surveillance, Remote Access/Monitoring, Smart Security

Outdoor Kitchens

Enjoy outdoor dining and entertainment enhanced by immersive audio and video and adjusted lighting perfect with every meal or occasion.

Possibilities: Controlling your smart home’s lighting, Weather-resistant video displays, Exterior Lighting Outside Audio Wi-Fi, and High-Performance Audio


Display your prized car collection in an enthusiast’s garage suite with radiant accent lighting, round-the-clock security, and selected music and video.

Possibilities: LED lighting, multi-room audio, and lighting control. Audiovisual Surveillance with Hidden Audio Video monitors Smart Safety