Home Security & Surveillance in Austin

Austin Smart Home Security Systems & Video Surveillance

Monarch Technologies provides sophisticated lighting, climate control, audio, video, and security systems.

Your family’s safe and secure home must be intelligent enough to notify you of activity, whether you are at home or away. With Monarch, you can instantly see streaming footage from security cameras on your touchscreen display, iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone. Use the touch screen on your smartphone or tablet as a video intercom system to see who is at the door.

Home Security Austin TX

Security cameras & network video recorders

To increase the security of their residences and places of business, homeowners are turning to surveillance cameras and NVRs (network video recorders). From your smartphone, it’s simple to check in on your house from anywhere in the world. You can remotely connect to and control your home from practically anywhere while viewing live security camera footage directly from your mobile device.

Smart Locks

Our smart locks allow you to lock every door in your house with the push of a button on a touch screen, keypad, or even your tablet. Delivery and service personnel can be provided temporary security codes. Give your children or other family members special codes so you receive SMS notifications as they come and go. Now, it becomes simple to let yourself in when you forget your keys on those days when nothing goes right!

Immediate Text Alerts

To keep your valuables safe and secure, your smart home can be set up to react to “activities” detected by the security camera or sensor. Receive a text message when someone knocks on your door. Have lights flash and sirens go off if a door opens after midnight to deter would-be intruders. If, say, your water heater leaks while you are away, the SMS alert system can also let you know. You can address the issue while away and avoid greater damage long before you return home.

Simulating Occupancy

According to studies, occupied homes are far less likely to be burglarized. You can configure interior and exterior lights in the house to turn on and off precisely as they would if you were home by creating realistic “Mockupancy” scenes. Potential intruders continue on their way, believing your home to be occupied and secure.