Whole Home AV Systems in Austin

Austin Home A/V Experts

Your home entertainment will reach a new level with our whole-house AV systems. We have the perfect Home AV System for you, whether you are looking for a multi-room system, surround sound, outdoor speakers, or a home theater system.

Without ever leaving your couch, you can directly operate multiple devices using a remote. Every room in your home receives the same high-quality audio and video transmissions. Music, streaming services, and satellite or cable TV will all share the same quality. All family members are included as they enjoy their favorite entertainment.

Home Theater Systems

A modern home theater provides your family an elevated viewing experience, whether they are avid sports fans, movie buffs, or simply want to entertain friends. Our home theater installation services offer you the opportunity to design an entertainment system that meets your every wish.

With stunning visuals and sound, enjoy the best in-home cinema.

  • Unprecedented color accuracy and black levels are provided for your favorite movies delivered in 4K.
  • Sharp and true-to-life surround sound.
  • For the best viewing experience, utilize your system to adjust the lighting, temperature, and AV.

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Whole-House Music

All your audio and video sources are distributed throughout your home. You can listen or watch wherever you wish. Architectural speakers blend seamlessly into walls and ceilings, leaving your room free of clunky speakers and visible wires. While your partner listens to hard rock in the kitchen, you might play a Mozart quartet in the office. You can control content and volume using a single remote or iPad, or even set up automated protocols to turn everything to chosen settings at the proper time.

  • You can instantly access your whole music library with just a click of a button.
  • Richly detailed music creates the ideal ambiance for any celebration.
  • Speakers built into walls, ceilings, and bookshelves complement interior décor

Multi-Room Video

Cable boxes, Apple TVs, and Rokus can be shared across multiple locations for video, reducing complexity and clutter. More significantly, a single user-friendly interface allows you to access all of your entertainment. Start movie in the media room and then finish it in bed. 

  • Make use of universal remote controls, bespoke touchpads, and keypads.
  • Easily access your favorite programs, films, and sports whenever you want.
  • By remotely positioning AV components in designated closets, you can keep guests’ focus on your décor.

Home Media Organization

For many people, multiple operating systems for AV control are an aggravating feature. In many cases, each room has a different brand and model of entertainment components! All of that is replaced by a centrally located whole-house AV system. A vacant closet or cabinet neatly contains all of the source equipment. This way, you can access and control all entertainment from one device.

  • Use a single device to access streaming, turntables, and digital collections.
  • Gear can be hidden in AV closets to save clutter.
  • Conceal technology with architectural speakers and unique mounts.

Outdoor Entertainment

Hidden speakers play music, creating a mood on the patio, in the pool, or out in the yard. Play relaxing jazz on your iPhone while you enjoy margaritas on the porch. Alternatively, combine quality TV with perfect sound to enhance the big game and the barbecue. Sync it with indoor areas so that you can move freely in and out without losing your film or music. Need a little more quiet for conversation? Tap a mute button on your phone as needed.

High-Performance AV Can Transform Your Outdoor Spaces

  • Bring your favorite sports, movies, and music outside.
  • Noise and glare are reduced with high-performance TVs and speakers.
  • Beautiful landscape illumination keeps the fun going after dusk!

High-Performance Audio

Wish you could watch or listen to your music in the living room, master bedroom, or family room, without ever losing the quality of sound? A cutting-edge home audio system from Monarch Technologies makes it all possible. Our home audio systems are made to elevate your entertainment experience, whether you enjoy hosting parties or want to unwind as you listen to your favorite band.

  • High-quality speakers deliver impressive strength and clarity.
  • Adapt each speaker to the space and to your tastes.
  • Use specialized acoustic treatments to enhance sound.

Video Displays

The Best Video Quality is Available with Striking Displays for Any Application

  • Utilize OLED technology for perfect colors and true blacks.
  • 4K and 8K displays are available for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Off-axis viewing provides a vivid image regardless of where you are sitting.

Hidden Audio Video – Removing Clutter

That AV systems require several operating systems is an incredibly annoying feature for most users. All of that is eliminated by using a centralized whole-house AV system. The source gear is all neatly stored in an unused rack or closet. Reducing audio and video clutter results in more elegant interior design.

  • Within walls and ceilings, architectural speakers are concealed.
  • Televisions can quickly disappear behind beautiful artwork or mirrors.

Structured Wiring

Built on a Strong Wiring Foundation: Home Entertainment

  • Utilize specialized low-voltage wiring to increase performance.
  • Future technology is made ready for your home with fiber and copper wiring.
  • Seamless concealment of wiring in walls and ceilings

Smart Home Integration

Smart home systems include audio and video systems for the entire house. These can combine your entertainment, lighting, climate, motorized window coverings, and other functions. More than anything else, investing in smart home automation simplifies and elevates your life at home. With a quick selection, choose personalized scenes for activities like cooking, working out, relaxing, watching movies, and more.

Working with AV expert Monarch Technologies is the best way to ensure that your home entertainment and automation system offers the most streamlined and enjoyable experience. To get started right now, call us at (512) 827-3497 or complete our online form. We will be thrilled to hear from you!