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A brief introduction

Smart Home Automation

Enjoy life, without having to worry about your home. Thanks to our cutting-edge control systems, you’ll experience the security, connection, and accessibility that a fully optimized smart home can offer.

  • Watch sports or movies from room to room without pausing or interrupting your viewing.
  • No matter where you are—in the house or on vacation—you can control your home’s environment.
  • Set schedules and scenes for the lighting and temperature, without having to interrupt the flow of your day with manual changes.

It only takes one touch to monitor, manage, and guarantee your peace of mind from across the room—or the world.

Austin Home Network Installation


The fact is that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all for smart home solutions. There are adaptable solutions ideal for various needs and budgets designed to improve the comfort of life at home.

We encourage our clients to think ahead whenever we design a project. To focus not just on today’s needs but also on technological advancements or expanded functionality later. This eye toward the future distinguishes us from our competitors and saves our clients countless headaches down the line. With our skills and experience, your home can become a paradise—now and forever.

Some companies won’t carry out a smart home installation if it doesn’t use their chosen automation system, and we understand why. Many home entertainment and automation products have specific requirements, which sometimes aren’t compatible with each other. Monarch Technologies can resolve these issues.

Our goal is to maintain the most pleasant and natural experience for our clients by guiding you in building the ideal smart home ecosystem for your needs. We’ve developed functional solutions for almost all brands, and we focus on making them practical and easy for each individual.

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Austin Smart Home Lighting
Austin Smart Home Lighting Control & Automation


Assign schedules or scenes to assist you in cooking or entertaining guests, and even support your health by mirroring circadian rhythms. Smart and fantastic.



Treat yourself to an immersive cinema experience so good you’ll never need to enter a theater again. The true box office success is at home in complete comfort, with control over the lighting, temperature, sound, and most importantly: the image.

Distributed Audio & Multi-Room Video in Austin


Access the media content in your house from any location. Whether it’s from cable or satellite, a streaming service, or saved on a local server, maintain easy management of your favorite TV shows, movies, and songs.

Home Networking & WiFi Installation in Austin


The typical smart home contains many linked devices. A robust, dependable networking infrastructure is essential for optimal performance of all smart home gadgets (e.g., laptops, smartphones, TVs, electronic door locks, and thermostats).



Smart Home Security Systems Austin
Smart Home Security Systems & Video Surveillance


Peace of mind is your home providing alerts and real-time camera coverage, notifying you of visitors at the door, and switching on the lights and TV to mask the appearance of an empty home.

Getting Started

Smart automation is the ultimate upgrade for luxury homes because it enables you to effortlessly change every environment as you like.


  • window coverings that change according to preset schedules to prevent glare and shield priceless artwork or delicate fabrics from damage caused by direct sunlight
  • a hallway with lights that turn on when you enter after dark
  • simply pressing a button instantly provides the ideal lighting, temperature, and music setting for your needs

Want a carefully chosen technology solution that fits your way of life? Let Monarch Technologies design an impressive and efficient intelligent home automation system for you.




“{Monarch Technologies and their} wonderful crew designed, programmed and installed a Crestron system throughout our house, and it is proving to be the best thing in our house. At every turn, these guys were honest, transparent, responsive and very knowledgeable.

And six months down the road, their service and support—the few times we needed help—has been unbeatable. We could not more highly recommend them.”

Greig Coates

Austin, TX

“I am very impressed with {Monarch Technologies} and their team! They came into my new home and I told them what my visions for sound and home theater were.

I have NO knowledge with regard to sound systems, home theaters, and installation. The team listened to my every whim, provided me with several different options and explained each option in detail. I chose the appropriate option for my needs and the DJS team made it happen! Thank you Will, Jake, Michael and Danny for making my dream come true!”


Stacy Robertson

Austin, TX

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